On The Job Accidents

Written by greg on May 25, 2012

Should you consider hiring a Houston personal injury law firm after an accident at work?  Has hospital costs, and time off work piled up? Well the answer may be answered by a seasoned personal injury professional that knows what questions to ask, and if your employer was at fault when your accident on the clock occurred. Many such accidents are covered by worker’s compensation and the injury victim should contact a worker’s comp attorney to help them if they need help with the claim.

If you have been injured while at work, and it was due to faulty equipment, lack of safety measures in place by another company, or an employee of another company was being careless in the execution of their duties you may have other options.  In this situation known as a third party case, (a third party is potentially responsible) contact a personal injury lawyer who can help you in recouping losses from pay, medical, and any other needs that this accident created for you or a loved one.

Some employers do cut corners in our highly competitive business world today, and they neglect the safety of the very own people that keep their enterprise running smoothly. Unfortunately, if your employer had worker’s comp and they are at fault for your accident, the general rule in Texas is you are limited to worker’s compensation.

Contact  Houston personal injury attorneys that will offer you a free phone or in person consultation and who has at least two decades of in court experience in the type of case you have.

When shopping for a Houston personal injury attorney, do not be afraid to ask questions about how your case will be handled, and how they will go about representing you now and in the future.

Getting to know your lawyer a little or a lot before entrusting them with your personal financial future is a big deal, and should be handled in a very serious manner.

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