What You Need To Know About Texting And Driving in Texas

Written by Greg on April 30, 2014

The communication developments within the last 10 years have been phenomenal. Texting and wireless communications experienced explosive growth and combined with social media communication, impacts almost everyone.

The bad news is that texting while driving has become a huge problem not only in Texas but also in cities across the nation. Most drivers feel like they can handle driving and texting at the same time, however the practice is much more dangerous than most realize.

Some studies have suggested that texting while driving is almost as dangerous as the drinking driver.

Some shocking statistics of texting and driving:

* The National Safety Council estimates 1.6 million accidents a year are caused by cell phone use.

* 11 teenagers die every day from texting accidents.

* Approximately 1/4 of all car accidents involve some form of distraction, which is primarily cell phone use.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration predicts that a driver is 23 times more likely to be involved in a car wreck when texting.

Many studies have shown that a driver who is texting or reading email on their cell phone is giving up a safety cushion equivalent to a football field. This safety cushion makes the difference between a serious crash and avoiding one completely in many instances.

According to the national Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 18% of all fatal accidents or over 3000 people in 2010 alone involve some kind of driver distraction.

Additionally, over 416,000 people were injured in 2010 car crashes where driver distraction was a factor.

Texas is in need of a uniform anti-texting ban to make our communities safer for everyone. The Texas legislature approved a bill recently that would have done wonders for Highway safety in Texas. However, the governor at the time, Gov. Perry refused to sign the initiative into law, which was a major mistake.

Given the statistics of the danger of texting while driving, and the backing of many authorities enforcing traffic regulations, a uniform law banning texting and driving in Texas is needed. Such a law will undoubtedly save many lives and make families in Texas much safer.

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