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How can I Get the Most Compensation for My Injury?




Tips for personal injury claims


Accidents happen every day, and luckily, most are not severe. But if you are injured in a car accident, here are some tips to maximize your personal injury claim.


According to statistics published by the Texas Department of Transportation, a reportable crash occurs about every minute in Houston.


A person is injured in an accident about every two minutes, and a person is killed on the roads about every two and a half hours. Although you suffered an injury, that does not necessarily guarantee you will get money to pay for your expenses.


A personal injury claim is not a slam dunk. Many factors will enter in the decision of whether and how much to provide in compensation.


Always Gather Evidence


The essential part of any claim is evidence. You must be able to provide evidence that shows you have incurred a significant injury and that the other driver was to blame. The best time to gather evidence is as quickly after the incident as possible. Do not wait because some critical data could be lost or unavailable as time goes on. Call the police and file a report since this validates the date, time, and details of the crash. You will also need to keep all medical reports and bills so you can substantiate your medical claims. Taking photos of your injuries the vehicles and the crash scene, all can help prove your claim.


Tip: The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies in auto accident cases.


Seek Medical Care


Go to the hospital or your physician immediately following the accident, even if you initially feel hurt but think it is minor. It can take some time for injuries to present themselves. If you wait to get medical care, you face the problem of proving that your injuries occurred because of the accident.


The insurance company may try to say that your injuries were less significant, or they were present before the accident. When you visit the doctor, indicate how you got hurt, so they include it in the report, and do not discuss other medical problems that could cloud the issue.


Tip: Always be honest with your medical providers and keep your description of the accident short and concise. Like, “I was rear-ended at a stoplight”.



Follow Doctor’s Orders


Always follow the orders that your doctor provides. If the doctor tells you to stay home from work for a while, you need to listen to this advice. Return to the doctor for follow-up visits promptly. If you do not abide by the doctor’s orders, it may be hard to prove that you were severely hurt. For instance, if you damage your back in a car accident and the doctor tells you to rest for 10 days. Still, you return to work after only five days, the insurance company may use this information to infer that your injuries were mild. They could also argue you reinjured your back because you did not follow your doctor’s guidance.


Tip: Work when you can, but don’t do so when working hampers your injury recovery. 


Do Not Wait to File a Claim


The longer you wait to file a claim, the harder it becomes to prove your case. When you want to make sure you get maximum compensation, do not expect to file a claim. You will need to take immediate action sometimes to seek documentation from other parties you will need to prove your claim. For example, you may need to discover details about the truck driver’s time behind the wheel during the crash. This information is available from the trucking company. You need to ensure that they keep these records for your review. A truck accident attorney will work to preserve critical evidence.


Tip: The sooner you hire a top attorney the better for your case.


Get Help from an Experienced Houston Accident Attorney


Many people with legal representation get more compensation for their injuries than those who do not. All too often, the insurance adjuster will try to reduce the payment or make a low settlement offer. At Baumgartner Law Firm, we have been getting stellar results for our clients for over 35 years. We have the experience, ratings and a reputation for getting the best settlements for our injured clients.


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