Harris County Fastest Growing County in US

Written by Greg on March 19, 2013

According to the recent Census Bureau report, Harris County grew faster than any other county in the United States last year. This will be the second time in a row that Harris County has led the nation in population growth. Most of the rapid increase in the greater Houston area has come from our strong business community and the potential for jobs.

Having the port as well as the nations oil center has been an invaluable opportunity for growth in the greater Houston area.  Also leading the charge in increase in population is The Woodlands and also Katy area. The growth is not as great percentage wise as it was in the mid-80s before the bust, but the numbers are impressive and given the low cost of living in the greater Houston area, the state should be fairly attractive to employers and families as well.

Probably the single greatest reason for the population growth of new folks moving into the state of Texas is the oil boom, which is continued for about 15 years in a row. With oil selling for five times more than it did in the mid-80s, and gas prices nearing four dollars those in the business of energy have prospered beyond imagination.

Additionally, insurance interests in Texas have been in a very strong position of profitability. Overall, the population growth has been a boon to our community and also a challenge in the way of transportation spending.

With commutes to downtown or galleria taking an hour to an hour and a half each way to and from suburbia, the congestion on our highways is a major problem for the Houston area. Fortunately, projects such as the Grand Parkway and the recently announced widening of US 290 will help the serious commuting issues that Pierce County faces.

Unfortunately, we are about 10 years behind the curve in funding transportation projects sufficiently in advance to address the growing population in Harris County. With leading the nation in population growth comes a responsibility to provide infrastructure primarily roadways to accommodate the additional people.

It is unfortunate that the lack of zoning for the Harris County area has limited the prospects for successful mass transit projects in the area. Another issue that needs to be addressed particularly in northwest Harris County is the intersections that serve railroads, which are now major thoroughfares.

The FM 1960 W. intersection near Willowbrook Mall is routinely a huge traffic jam whenever railroad train passes. Lines several miles long are the rule and not the exception whenever the railroad crossing is utilized. Yesterday, traffic was backed up for 20 minutes due solely to the railroad crossing and a train stopped on the tracks.

It is wonderful that we are leading the nation in growth and Harris County needs to lead the nation and transportation projects to accommodate that growth.

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