Google Glass and Car Accidents

Written by Greg on May 18, 2013

The most recent technology rage is something called “Google glass” which is a eyewear frame with a minicomputer incorporated into the frame. The headset takes photographs, shows the time, can tell you the weather and will record video and let you share photographs and video on the Internet.

The headset even shows directions to points of interest and can send email and text messages by dictation. Whether or not you have Google glass fitted with prescription or other lenses, a small lens to the right-hand side shows the information that Google glass provides.

There is little doubt that this latest technology will be a lot of fun and also have some consequences. Already many different businesses have sought to ban the eyewear under privacy concerns. Mainly clubs and casinos but I would expect the list to grow substantially once the eyewear becomes readily available.

Certainly anyone in a public restroom would be concerned to see another with a Google glass eyewear because you don’t know when it is filming or not. Another concern is whether the eyewear will be safe for drivers or will lead to increased numbers of car accidents. There is little doubt that the potential for distraction from any thing that takes a drivers eyes off the roadway is increased proportionately with the time their eyes off the roadway.

Distracted driving includes not only taking her eyes off the roadway but taking your mind off the highway as well. Drivers are better served driving and dealing with the interruptions and information upon arrival.

Another area where Google glass may be utilized is the filming of the aftermath of car accidents or even the crash itself. The ability to videotape at the tap of a finger will certainly allow for documenting interactions which occur every day.

Hopefully, Texas will pass a law which makes universal the ban on texting and emailing while driving.

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