How to find the best Houston personal injury attorney “near me.”

Written by Greg on February 12, 2018

Houston personal injury near me

If you have been injured or have had a loved one killed due to the negligence of another you may hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you to get the compensation you deserve. Finding the right lawyer can be a tricky business, and there are specific characteristics to look for to locate the best local representation. There are many benefits to using a personal injury lawyer near you versus one that is not local. However, there are criteria you should examine before you make a decision which local lawyer right for you.

Using the Internet

When you do a Google search to find a personal injury lawyer the first 2 to 5 listings will be adds paid for by the attorney, which usually indicates a high volume law practice. Look for a law firm that demonstrates their commitment to a specialty of personal injury law versus a law firm that covers many areas and may be spreading their time too thin.

Visiting a local lawyer’s website can reveal much about them such as their practice areas and how long they have been serving the community. Top lawyers write blogs consistently updated that may indicate that they are staying abreast of personal injury cases and practice extensively in the area similar to your situation.
The more specialized the attorney is, the better, is a pretty good rule.

Doing a Google search alone is no way to choose a lawyer. However, it’s useful to see if the lawyer has any wrongdoing. You can check to see if a Texas lawyer has been the subject of complaints or disciplinary actions by going to this page and adding the lawyer’s name for a search.


Referrals from friends and relatives can help you find the right personal injury lawyer near you. You may belong to clubs or social groups where you have met lawyers or have respected friends that have used a local lawyer for a situation such as yours. Ask two or three of your most trusted associates if they know of a local personal injury lawyer they have used and can recommend. Be careful about unsolicited referrals from acquaintances though.


The old saying “there’s nothing like experience,” is right on the money. The more experience the attorney has with the specific case type that you have, the better. One of the worst things you can do, especially with a serious injury claim, is to hire an inexperienced attorney or one that does not have extensive experience in similar type accidents. If you have a collision with an 18-wheeler, you will want to seek out the most experienced attorney for an 18-wheeler accident  you can find.

High Volume Law Firms

We recommend personal injury victims avoid high-volume law firms. The volume practice, quick settlement business model, is not one that is calculated to maximize the compensation for the victim. Likewise, you may speak with the seasoned partner in a high-volume law firm, and that may be the only time you talk with him or her. Often, these cases are handed off to low-level personnel for handling. Clients are thinking they are getting the top gun and up realizing later on that an inexperienced associate did the work.

Interviewing Potential Lawyers

Meeting personal injury lawyers face to face can give you crucial non-verbal information about them. The way they groom, dress, and carry themselves can tell you more about a person than a 1000-word essay that the lawyer may have written. The quality and decor of a lawyer’s office might indicate their personality and taste and give you an idea if they may be the person you would like to represent you. Meeting a personal injury lawyer face to face can help you get a feel on whether or not they seem honest and would have your best interests at heart or they may seem too busy or looking out for themselves only.

During a face-to-face meeting, you can share information about your case and test to see if the lawyer will invest the time to carefully and compassionately listen. You can begin with a chat about belonging to the same local organizations or knowing people that know other people. You may even have children that go to the same school or belong to the same church. Some local personal injury lawyers may have been in the area for generations and have built their good name and reputation over decades.

When all of your questions asked and answered, two people could come to different conclusions on which lawyer is right for them. Meeting a local lawyer can provide you with the information critical to selecting the right lawyer for you. Getting referrals, using the internet, and meeting face-to-face could give you the information you need to choose the best personal injury lawyer “near you.”

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