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Do I Need Personal Injury Protection Insurance in Houston?

Personal Injury Protection

Drivers in Texas are responsible for any accidents they cause. Liability insurance covers the medical and other costs of people hurt in an accident that was your fault. When hurt in an auto accident that was the other driver’s fault, however, how do you pay for your medical costs? Generally, the negligent driver must pay you for your medical costs and all damages associated with the crash. However, it may take some time to collect compensation for your losses. Meanwhile, you need to get medical care. One way to handle your medical expenses right away is with Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance.

What is Personal Injury Protection?

PIP is insurance that specifically pays for your medical costs following an accident. PIP is an option you may purchase with your insurance policy. The coverage generally covers medical payments and up to 80% of lost income and caregiver costs. Texas law requires insurance companies to offer PIP coverage as part of every policy.

The default amount of PIP coverage in Texas is $2,500 but you may choose additional coverage from your insurance provider. You may decide not to have PIP coverage, but if you reject it, you must do so in writing. The insurance provider must provide the option to buy PIP to all policyholders.

PIP is essential for those who do not otherwise have medical insurance they could use to get treatment following an accident. PIP covers the driver and your passengers and other people hurt in the accident, regardless of who caused the crash.

Why You Should Have PIP Insurance

The negligent party will have to pay for your medical bills. However, payments may not be made quickly and the negligent driver may not even have insurance. The claim needs to be processed and the accident assessed before a settlement will be offered. Meanwhile, you may be accumulating large medical bills. The best way to avoid facing the dilemma of your immediate medical costs is with PIP insurance.

PIP will pay for your medical costs so you will not need to worry about your finances during this difficult time. If the PIP threshold is exceeded or if you do not have PIP, you will need to pay for your medical costs or arrange to pay. Sometimes you could go through your savings account just to pay for medical costs that were not your fault. When the negligent driver pays for the damages associated with the accident the insurance company will receive reimbursement for the medical expenses they paid on your behalf.

Accident resolution can be complicated. The best thing to do after an accident is to talk with an experienced Houston personal injury attorney sooner rather than later. Your attorney will guide you through the claim process and will assist in obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


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