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Category Archives: Laws and Rights

calendar icon10July
Texas Seat Belt Laws

    Texas laws regarding seat belt use are contained in Transportation Code Chapter 545. There are fines and penalties for failing to use seat belts and separate provisions dealing …

calendar icon25April
The Texas Supreme Court Voids the Unlawful Acts Doctrine

A recent Supreme Court of Texas case considered the viability of the common law “unlawful acts doctrine” as an affirmative defense in personal injury litigation. The case, Dugger V. Arredondo …

calendar icon04September
Cell Phone Use And Accidents

All of us have become frustrated at a driver who was not paying attention and sat through half of a green light or was driving so slowly that it impeded …

calendar icon06June
New Law Benefiting Texas Families Who Are Accident Victims

Recently, the Texas legislature passed a bill correcting inequities on subrogation rights on the part of certain health insurance and other entities. The action was needed to help protect Texas …

calendar icon01June
Harris County Jury Service

Part of our obligation to our community is the responsibility to serve on a jury when called. Fortunately, Harris County has excellent facilities making the jury assembly process very organized …