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calendar icon02November
Punitive Damages After Being Injured by a Drunk Driver

  If you’ve been hit by a drunk driver and were injured, if the drunk driver had insurance coverage, the insurance company will most likely attempt an early settlement with …

calendar icon06January
Drunk Driving Accidents and Jail Time in Texas

Many drivers may be aware that driving while intoxicated (DWI) or simply driving and drinking can have many consequences. In Texas and particularly the greater Houston area, a DWI accident …

calendar icon26June
Organizations Fighting Drunk Driving

There is little doubt that drunk driving can severely damage the sanctity of a community. Drunk driving can lead to alcohol-related crashes, injuries to the drunk driver and other innocent …

calendar icon28August
The Real Consequences of Drinking and Driving

Houston Organizations That Fight Drunk Driving There are many DWI advocacy organizations that go to schools across the Houston area and show teenage children the real consequences of alcohol and …

calendar icon09April
$1 Million Settlement Reported in Conroe Dram Shop Case

A little less than a year ago in Montgomery County, a fatal drunk driving accident occurred when an intoxicated driver was driving the wrong way and caused a fatal crash. …