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Best IPhone Apps For Lawyers

There is no doubt the iPhone has taken the world by storm. Not only is it changed how we interact on a daily basis it has become an indispensable tool in business.

Lawyers and other professionals have been using the iPhone to run their lives and practices for some time now. Without further ado, the following is a list of helpful iPhone apps for attorneys.

Time Keeping Apps

  1. iTimeKeep – is a very elegant app that is very popular with attorneys. The app syncs with many of the most popular timekeeping programs and enables attorneys to capture time on the road or by using their cell phones.
  2. Time Master – a popular time-keeping program that syncs with dropbox.
  3. Toggl- Desktop and mobile apps.
  4. Timecamp-good option for solos.

Expense Keeping

  1. BizXpense Tracker– easy to use expense reporter.
  2. Expensify– another easy-to-use expense tracker, with the ability to scan receipts.
  3. Spending- a very simple spending tracker for the budget-conscious.
  4. Mint– simple yet powerful with colored graphics.

Documents- Word Processing

  1. Microsoft Word for iOS is the go-to word processing program now for iPhone. Now with Dropbox integration. Read a great review here.
  1. Pages– Apples answer to Microsoft word.

Note Taking

The iPhone comes with a built-in notes app that will sink with the iCloud. There are many popular alternatives that add features that may be important to some users.

  1. Evernote- is clearly the most popular format for not only taking notes but organizing them as well. Some call ever doubt the most productive app of all.
  2. Notability– easy to use note-taking app that is very popular.
  3. Simplenote– this is a no-frills app that syncs across devices and is very useful if you don’t want the bells and whistles.
  4. Apple Notes- has been upgraded and is my go-to note app for my personal injury law practice now.

Sync and Storage

  1. Dropbox– a must-have and free for a low volume user
  2. Google Drive– Google’s answer to Dropbox.
  3. iCloud – has been improved for the Mac user.


  1. Westlaw Next- comprehensive and easy legal research at a price.
  2. Fastcase- less expensive legal research available to many through the Bar Association.


  1. Fantastical 2- a very elegant calendar that once you start using it you will have a hard time changing.
  2. Sunrise Calendar- a very popular up and coming app


  1. Uber- very easy to catch a ride
  2. Kayak– check flight options quickly.
  3. Google trips-very helpful for those who use Gmail.
  4. FlightStats– very simple real-time flight status checker.


Google Maps– many prefer this app over the Apple version.

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