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Apps for Emergencies

Someone said “there’s an app for everything” and they weren’t far from off. Now law firms have their own iPhone and Google apps and there are many other apps for almost every situation.

How Emergencies Apps Can Help

Some apps for emergencies include the American Read Cross app that gives first aid advice for medical emergencies. This can be a very helpful app in the event you are faced with a medical emergency. The application even includes an emergency button for a 911 call.

There are also free and paid apps that relate to the “ICE” or in case of emergency, that are available for both iPhone and android devices. These apps allow you to keep medical information and emergency contact details available at the touch of a finger. You can even store your photo IDs and any necessary medical information.

Many iPhone users put “ice” in their cell phones as a contact with an emergency telephone number in case of emergency.

There are also many weather apps that can tell you when bad weather is approaching. A popular alternative is Weather lLve which is a $1.99 in the iTunes Store. Weather.com has a free text message service you can sign up for that will send you a text message when severe weather is a concern in an area you specify.

Sometimes I feel like we have “App overload” which can be attributed to the hundreds of thousands of apps and growing. If you are interested in new app it only takes a few minutes to research the market for the favorite picks.