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The 3 Most Important Car Safety Rules


Avoid auto accidents

Wear Your Seatbelt


  1. Buckle UP -buckling up should be your first action when first entering your automobile. Studies have shown that a seatbelt can help prevent serious injury in a vast majority of cases. Conversely, failure to wear seatbelt can cause a person to become unnecessarily injured. Over 2.2 million people were injured in car accidents in the U.S. in 2012 alone. http://www.cdc.gov/motorvehiclesafety/seatbelts/facts.html


It is not enough that you buckle up yourself, but you should ensure that all others in your vehicle are also fully buckled. In Texas, it is a driver’s responsibility to make sure that under age passengers are fully buckled in. The number one rule and automobile safety is “buckle up”.



Avoid Your Cell Phone


  1. Do Not Text and Drive-texting and driving do not mix just as drinking and driving do not mix. Accident reconstruction experts have found that texting while driving is almost as dangerous as being drunk behind the wheel. Taking her eyes off of the roadway to look at your cell phone for even an instant can lead to an unnecessary and very serious accident.


It is very easy to get into the habit of looking at your cell phone frequently throughout the day. This carries on into the car and can lead to very serious consequences. It truly can wait and putting your cell phone on silent to avoid the distractions until you arrive at your destination is the way to go.


Give Yourself Room


  1. Allow an Assured Clear Distance


Another important automobile safety factor is allowing an assured clear distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Driving safety experts recommend one car length for every 10 mph of speed.


While in metropolitan areas such as Houston, Texas it may be impossible to allow six car lenghts on a major highway during rush hour traffic, doing the best you can about allowing an assured clear distance is a good step in preventing an unnecessary accident.


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