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18-Wheeler Tire Blowout Responsible for Fatal Crash with Greyhound Bus


A horrific head-on collision is being blamed, initially, on a blown tire. The extremely serious accident happened on Interstate 40 in New Mexico. The crash occurred when a semi-truck carrying produce lost control, sending the truck into oncoming lanes of traffic. The truck hit into a bus carrying 49 passengers. According to reports, the bus was ripped open and flipped on its side. Motorists stopped to try to help passengers get out of the mangled wreckage.

Initial reports indicate that at least seven people were killed in the crash. There were reportedly many others injured in the accident. Witnesses described seeing a horrifying scene with many people injured and in shock and distress. The driver of the truck reportedly stated that a tire blew, causing him to lose control of the big rig.

Investigators will continue to learn the cause and factors that led to this severe incident. The road was closed to traffic for hours as passengers were rescued and transported to the hospital and the wreckage was cleared. I-40 is frequently used by semi-trucks traveling across country. The highway stretches from California to the east coast going through many states along the way, including Texas.

Blown Truck Tires are a Serious Concern

Large trucks are a necessity; however, they need to drive in a safe manner. Accidents are generally caused by one or more factors that include human error, mechanical malfunction and outside conditions such as weather or road. In this case, the accident may have been caused by a mechanical failure.

Truck tires must be properly maintained and inspected. Tires that are worn are unsafe and should be replaced. Tires must also be kept at the correct air pressure. Sometimes conditions such as extremely hot weather or changes to air temperature can cause tire pressure to fluctuate. When a tire is improperly inflated, it could blow.

A tire blowout is dangerous, even for passenger vehicles. It can be much more serious when it occurs in an 18-wheeler. When a tire blows out, it acts like a small explosion. It can disrupt forward motion and create an unstable and unpredictable response. It is difficult for drivers to handle their vehicles and guide them to safety. This is particularly difficult for large trucks because of the heavy load they carry. Some trucks with full loads can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, making them difficult to control and stop.

A tire blowout may be due to negligence on the part of the truck driver or trucking company. Improper maintenance could be considered negligence that may result in an accident with injuries or fatalities. As in this case, the cause of the crash must be determined through investigation and possibly re-creation. Officials will interview witnesses and the drivers when possible. The maintenance records of the truck will be reviewed to find out whether there were any known issues.

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