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Uber’s Role in Reducing Houston D.W.I. Accidents

Uber and Houston dwi accidents


It can be frustrating to face the fact that despite the consistent insistence on the risks of driving under the influence, many individuals still do. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that alcohol-impaired accidents kill 28 people in the United States every day. In Houston, 33% of the total driving deaths involved alcohol. Before 2018, the Police department booked a significant number of revelers on a felony driving while intoxicated charges, especially on weekends. This means that the Houston area falls under the second worst quartiles among U.S. counties.

However, after Uber’s penetration into the Houston market, researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) found a substantial decrease in both D.W.I. arrests and alcohol-related motor vehicle injuries. Particularly, weekends registered the lowest impaired driving incidences, especially in the Houston city center.

Uber’s Role in Transportation Revolution

Uber provides a convenient transportation alternative that reduces the risk of drunk driving. Uber’s projections show that it is potentially a ramification for volumes of drunk driving happening, especially over the weekends. As a go-to transportation network company, users in the Houston metropolitan areas can easily find a sober ride home.

In line with fewer drunks on the road, the company has a strict policy that discourages even their drivers from any drug use while on the road. Specifically, drivers risk suspension of their licenses if they are reported to have appeared drugged while on the job. Additionally, it does attract a fine and possible jail time if the driver is proven to have been above the recommended blood-alcohol level.

DWI reduced with Uber in Houston

Deployment of UberX

The roll-out of UberX has resulted in a substantial reduction of traffic-related fatalities following intoxication. It provided a cost-effective, convenient, and reliable way for people to get home after a booze night out. This reduced the need for drunk driving, thus reducing traffic fatalities, especially after a night out.

Ride-hailing would be an additional revolution in the transportation industry, especially in metropolitan areas of Houston. In addition, smart ride-hailing shows promise as an alternative to ride-sharing, both of which significantly reduce the incidences of drunk driving. Overall, Uber has provided a service that could revolutionize transport and reduce vehicular misdemeanors associated with drink or drug use with next-generation scheduling software.

Alternative Positions on Uber’s Impact on D.W.I. Accidents

Extensive theories mar the link between the uptake of Uber in the Houston market area and D.W.I. accidents. Some analysts argue that Uber is not the ultimate alternative to drunk driving. They cite that ordering for a sober ride home is still expensive for most individuals. Besides, these analysts cite that individuals who would be likely to drink and drive might not be rational enough in the first place to order for the ride.

Finally, a counter perspective is that while Uber has significantly grown within this market, the number of Uber drivers might not be sufficient for the number of revelers that flock to the Houston metropolitan area over a busy weekend night. Fortunately, Lyft is available and very popular with younger drinkers.

Overall, the core argument is that the availability of these smartphone-connected drivers does not automatically slash drug-related crashes. The widespread belief is that Uber’s chances of reducing the possibility of drunk driving are based upon the area of the metropolitan area you are in. If you are in an accident with Uber, call a uber accident lawyer for a consultation asap.

Pursuing Compensation After a Drunk Driving Accident 

After a drunk driving accident, we understand that you need a time out to recover. Still, you require a lawyer to help with negotiating a settlement. This is particularly since pursuing compensation and attending to the court case can be exhausting.

To ensure the success of a settlement claim, you will need to:

Preserve Evidence

In the case of a drunk driving case, the evidence would be the breath and blood tests and the field sobriety test results. Also, the video shot by police or others. Proper preservation of these items could mean the difference between you winning or losing a drug-driving settlement claim.

Filling A Claim

Following a car accident with a drinking driver, you want to file a claim immediately. This gives the opposing insurance company time to investigate the incident and subsequent punitive damages. In addition, you want to hire a personal injury lawyer capable of correctly valuing your claim. Note that the awards are meant to cover everything, including treatment costs, medication, and lost income, and human damages like pain and suffering.

Personal Injury Lawyers for D.W.I. Victims

If you or your loved ones have been injured or, even worse, killed by a drug driver, you need a personal injury lawyer. These individuals oversee ensuring you get justice and compensation for the impact of the accident. You want a firm that is experienced in dealing with drug-related misdemeanors. Avoid a lawyer that states out an exact figure for your claim without doing the due diligence.

D.W.I. Legal Process in Houston

A DWI legal process in Houston depends on whether the intoxicated drive is charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. In the case of a Class B misdemeanor, your case will be presented at the county criminal courts. On the other hand, if you were involved in a Class A misdemeanor, the defendant, often a proven high-risk D.W.I. offender has their court case at the S.O.B.E.R. D.W.I. courts. Many people don’t really understand the true cost of a DUI in Texas.

Impaired Driving Convictions in Houston

A conviction for D.W.I. in Houston will not only cost the drunk driver thousands of dollars but will also threaten their driving privileges and freedom. As a victim of drunk driving, the criminal justice system in Houston might seem daunting. There are dozens of courts in the county and a host of penalties attached to each of the convictions.

Holiday Drunk Driving Arrests Spike

With the 4th of July holidays coming up, Uber should help with avoiding D.W.I. accidents in Houston. It takes care of one-third of all motor vehicle accidents that occur on that weekend due to drunk driving. Uber is dedicated to having fewer drunk drivers on the streets, thus reducing alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes and drunk-driving convictions.

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