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TXDOT- Fighting DWI’s with Soberrides.org


Presented by the Texas Department of Transportation, Soberrides.org offers a new, innovative approach to encouraging drivers to drive safely by offering sober ride resources. As Soberride.org points out, over 1,000 Texans lose their lives to alcohol-related crashes every year.

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Also, as the site points out, if no accidents or injuries occur, there is still a potential DWI to consider. Remember that DWIs can undoubtedly add up, from bail, court costs, probation visits, fines, even requirement of an alcohol education course. The estimate is that a DWI will cost an individual approximately $17,000 in total!

As the website points out, “Alcohol and asphalt don’t mix.”

Thankfully, Soberrides.org offers a lot of insight into the measures one can take to ensure that they make it home safe, without any kind of accident or fine occurring along the way.


These measures include:

  • Calling a taxi – The site features the intuitive app “RiderFinder,” which can be downloaded straight to your smartphone. With the simple question, “Where are you?” The technology pinpoints your exact location and then gives you a few taxies, pedicab, or limo agencies to call.


  • Use Uber or Lyft – Today, rideshare is easy, cheap, and quick. Summoning a ride from anywhere can be accomplished in minutes. Uber and Lyft prevent drunk driving arrests if you simply use the service.


  • Using mass transit – Utilizing Google Maps, the site will take your start location, as well as your desired location, to give you an exact schedule for public transits, such as Metro. All you need is generally fair, and you will be that much closer to finding your way home safe and sound.


  • Asking a sober friend or family member for a ride home – One of the most convenient, safest, and private ways to seek help is simply to call a friend or family member. Asking someone to be your designated driver should not come with social stigma, but first, you should simply see it as taking a precautionary measure.


  • Walk – If you are in a safe, well-trusted environment that is close to your final destination, you can simply walk. However, it is essential to consider the fact that your judgment may be impaired, and as such, this is one of the options you should utilize only if the others do not pan out.


  • Staying put – Out of all of the measures on this list, this is by far the easiest one to accomplish. After drinking, you should wait until you have sobered up before you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. No leaving the bar or where you have been drinking may not be a practical way to ensure that you make it home safe, but it also the most readily available. If, after waiting for some time, you still don’t trust your ability to drive, then you should try one of the other listed alternatives.

Hard alcohol and driving Not only do these measures increase one’s safety, and thus, decrease the potential for an accident or DWI, but they are also extremely cost-effective methods as well.

Remember, when you decide to get behind the wheel when you are not sober, you not only endanger your life, but you also risk the lives of everyone you come into contact with while on the road!

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