Impact of Drinking and Driving in Houston Map

Written by Greg on March 19, 2015


The city of Houston is renowned for its diverse and varied culture, the relation to the oil industry, and the historically significant landmarks littered around the locale. However, an unfortunate occurrence that seems to riddle the city is drunk driving. According to reporting conducted by KHOU, based on research presented by the Texas Department of Texas, in 2010 – 2013 it was estimated that there were approximately 17,500 alcohol-related crashes in the Houston area.

Of these, 865 resulted in at least one death. In addition, the KHOU 11 News I-Team also uncovered the fact that each day an average of two people are killed or seriously injured in alcohol-related crashes within Houston.

As reported by KHOU, Kae Pennywell, mother of Aaron Pennywell who was killed by a drunk driver in2011, “We never thought this would happen to us. But, it’s happening more and more to innocent people.”

In order to best understand the full text of the problem, KHOU 11 News I-Team mapped each accident spot in order to showcase show how prevalent the problem is within Houston. Clicking on the provided source link will reveal the map, but upon looking at it one can see a cluster of red dots covered across Houston. Each of these markers represents a drunk driving related accident that occurred within the past few years.

Chief persecutor for the Montgomery Country District Attorney’s Office, Tyler Dunman also stated, “I don’t think you could ever capture and arrest each person or a particular night that’s driving intoxicated. There’s just too many.”

Despite the improbability of outright stopping drunk driving, significant strides have been made in order to curb these unfortunate incidents. Not only have policing efforts been increased, as well as legislation that seeks to be tougher on crime, but this map and additional resources work to raise awareness. For example, looking at the map, one can see that the areas with the deadliest crashes include the following:

  • Tomball Parkway and the Willowbrook area: 7
  • The area of Interstate 45 and FM 1960: 6
  • Interstate 10, East Freeway near the East Loop interchange: 5
  • Interstate 45, Gulf Freeway, south of the South Loop: 5
  • Highway 59, Southwest Freeway near the West Loop interchange: 5
  • Highway 6 Near Mission Bend: 4
  • Interstate 45 near Woodlands Parkway: three crashes that killed five people

As one can see from the research, the concentrations are where there are the highest levels of traffic within the city. In addition, one can also see that the rate of crashes seems to be evenly dispersed across these areas.

There is no doubt that the drunk driving situation in Houston remains high and that these crashes can lead to both injury and loss of life.

As Dunman also stated, drunk driving may not be stopped completely; however, significant strides have been made in order to cull as much as the problem as possible. A large part of the solution is for individuals to use judgment in deciding not to drink and drive. Planning ahead of social activities and designating a driver are good steps for those who choose to drink.

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