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Uber and Houston dwi accidents
calendar icon12June
Uber’s Role in Reducing Houston D.W.I. Accidents

  It can be frustrating to face the fact that despite the consistent insistence on the risks of driving under the influence, many individuals still do. The National Highway Traffic Safety …

Drunk Driver accident and punitive damages in Texas
calendar icon11June
Can I Get Punitive Damages if I am Hurt by a Drunk Driver?

  Possibly. When a drinking driver gets behind the wheel, they should know that the chances of injuring someone else are very high. While the law in Texas requires a …

calendar icon07June
Can I Sue a Bar That Over-served Causing an Accident with a Drunk Driver?

When in a bar, here is some expectation of personal accountability on how many drinks a person consumes. An individual should know their limitations with alcohol. If you have been …

Lawyer for dwi injury accident
calendar icon03February
How to Find the Best Lawyer for a Houston DWI Injury Accident

Did you get injured by a drunk driver? Driving on roads and highways throughout Texas, there is always at risk, no matter how small, that we end up in an …

calendar icon14July
6 Things to Do After Being Injured by A Drunk Driver

  The role of drunk driving fatal accidents cannot be overstated. According to the CDC, 28% of all car accident deaths involved alcohol-impaired driving. Each day, 29 people die in …

calendar icon29April
How Common are DWI Accidents in Texas

  Driving while intoxicated in Texas, or DWI is defined as operating a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol concentration, or BAC, of .08% or higher. Approximately 65,000 people were arrested …