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calendar icon07June
Can I Sue a Bar That Over-served Causing an Accident with a Drunk Driver?

When in a bar, here is some expectation of personal accountability on how many drinks a person consumes. An individual should know their limitations with alcohol. If you have been …

calendar icon03February
How to Find the Best Lawyer for a Houston DWI Injury Accident

Did you get injured by a drunk driver? Driving on roads and highways throughout Texas, there is always at risk, no matter how small, that we end up in an …

calendar icon14July
6 Things to Do After Being Injured by A Drunk Driver

  The role of drunk driving fatal accidents cannot be overstated. According to the CDC, 28% of all car accident deaths involved alcohol-impaired driving. Each day, 29 people die in …

calendar icon29April
How Common are DWI Accidents in Texas

  Driving while intoxicated in Texas, or DWI is defined as operating a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol concentration, or BAC, of .08% or higher. Approximately 65,000 people were arrested …

calendar icon02November
Punitive Damages After Being Injured by a Drunk Driver

  If you’ve been hit by a drunk driver and were injured, if the drunk driver had insurance coverage, the insurance company will most likely attempt an early settlement with …

calendar icon09February
Punitive Damages In Drunken Driver Cases

  Can I Get Punitive Damages if Hurt by A Drunk Driver? Possibly. When a drinking driver gets behind the wheel, they should know that the chances of injuring someone …