The 3 Most Dangerous Industries According to OSHA

Written by Greg on April 25, 2016


OSHA recently published an impact evaluation of the first year in the severe injury reporting program.


Recent reporting rules now require employers to report to OSHA within one day any work – related amputation, fatality or injury that required hospitalization. The changes were directed in order to enable better identification of hazards and therefore helping to make a workplace safer.


Unsurprisingly, well over 50% of the over 7600 hospitalization reports were from three industries. Manufacturing, construction and transportation and warehousing.


Manufacturing led the injury categories, including 57% of all amputations.


For those not familiar with the OSHA guidelines they are industry specific and directed toward reducing unnecessary injuries by implementation of common sense safety rules. The vast majority of serious accidents that occur in the workplace could have been avoided simply by following the OSHA rules. To view the OSHA report CLICK HERE: .


Unfortunately, one of the factors that has been identified by OSHA is that some employers seek to conceal dangerous conditions and employee injuries in order to avoid compliance with the OSHA safety rules.


The truth of the matter is that we live in an age where a significant portion of our political spectrum seeks to eliminate any and all regulations in order to further their goals. There is no doubt that OSHA has reduced the number of unnecessary injuries and deaths in the last two decades. The new reporting requirements will help e further reduce unnecessary workplace accidents by identifying hazards that can be avoided and employers who violate the rules.


Protecting America’s workers cannot be secondary to anything.

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