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What is a Deposition?

More and more first laundry claims are ending up in litigation, primarily due to the failure of the state of Texas to regulate claims handling practices by insurance companies. Part of the litigation process is a “deposition” which is a sworn statement by the person being examined.

The attorneys to the lawsuit ask the deponent questions under oath and those questions and answers can be used at trial and also in pretrial motions.

Deposition Location

In Harris County, Texas is customary that the deposition takes place in the deponent’s attorney’s office. Therefore if you are being deposed most likely the venue for the deposition will be at your attorney’s office or other place convenient for you.

The deponent must answer questions truthfully and the deponent usually has an option of reading and signing the deposition to make sure it is accurate.

Generally, attorneys will spend some time with their clients prior to deposition in order to explain the process more fully and prepare the client for full and truthful testimony.

For a  Houston, Texas personal injury victim, depositions usually cover the following topics:

  1. Personal background and history
  2. Employment background and history
  3. Prior claims, if any
  4. Prior accidents, if any
  5. Injury sustained in the accident
  6. Medical treatment pre-and post accident
  7. Prior medical treatment on the injured parts of the body, if any
  8. Accident facts

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