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What to do After a Lyft Accident

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Lyft as a ride-sharing service that has revolutionized the personal transportation industry. By using an iPhone app a person can enter the destination to go to, and several Lyft nearby drivers will quote a price. The person then selects the vehicle and the best price and within minutes, using a smartphone’s GPS, a Lyft driver will be at their location to pick them up. Prices are reasonable and often less than a local taxi service.

Lyft drivers go through a criminal background check and their driving records. A passenger will have an indication, not a guarantee, on the likelihood the driver has a clean safety record. Accidents can happen to Lyft drivers just as they do to any driver. To view, Lyft’s safety policies click the link. https://www.lyft.com/safety

What to do After a Lyft Crash

A passenger should know what to do with a Lyft accident or emergency. The procedures you should follow are based on common sense and are the same as an automobile accident.

When a passenger in a Lyft vehicle is in an accident, they should check themselves, the Lyft driver, other passengers, and other people involved in the crash for injuries and administer first aid to the extent they are capable. A person should immediately call 911 to report the accident and to get medical attention to the scene.

Some injuries from an automobile accident may not be immediately apparent. If appropriate, A person should go to the emergency room soon after the accident to check for head, neck and back injuries that may not present symptoms of pain for days to come.

An emergency room visit will also document the extent of a person’s injuries should they sue the negligent Lyft driver or the driver of the other vehicle.

Once you know that everyone is okay or those injured get help, a person should get the driver’s license number, motor vehicle registration number and insurance card of the rideshare driver and the drivers of other motor vehicles involved.

Cell phone photos or the involved drivers, crash site and damage to the cars is helpful.

You may need to get the personal information of any eyewitnesses and may want to take a cell phone video of the accident. Answer no questions posed to you by anyone other than the police and call an attorney if you know one. Do not give your opinion on who may have caused the accident.

However, just because a Lyft driver shows up a person is under no obligation to take the ride. Lyft passengers concerned about their safety should cursorily inspect to see if this Lyft driver and his/her vehicle is the one they wish to use.

Lyft Insurance Issues

Special insurance coverage applies to Lyft Drivers in an accident while carrying passengers. We have experience in dealing with Lyft accident injury cases. Call us to speak with a lawyer about your situation after an injury from a Lyft vehicle wreck.

Call the Houston Lyft Accident Lawyers

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