Using Uber to Prevent a DUI

Written by Greg on July 12, 2014


It is common knowledge that Houston is the DWI capital of the United States as far as fatal accidents are concerned. While statistics may vary, Houston is at the top or near the top in serious injury accidents and fatal crashes involving alcohol.

Houston DUI

Combating the DWI dilemma can seem insurmountable at times but the problem in Houston can be addressed by education, choices and technology.


Undoubtedly, the best way to avoid a DWI is to not drink alcohol. But if that is not in the cards, the next choices are to designate a driver, call a cab or use Uber.


Uber is a new technology that resides in your smartphone. One tap on your phone and Uber uses your phone’s GPS system to detect where you are located and dispatch a driver to pick you up at your exact address.


People using the service have reported satisfaction and also ease of use. Houston is one of the cities served by Uber and the ability to tap a button and call a ride is extremely convenient way to avoid a drunk driving charge.


Signing up for Uber requires a simple online form and a credit card. From there you simply download an app to your smart phone and you’re ready to go.


Obtaining a ride with this service is incredibly easy and  the fee for your ride is simply charged to your credit card. The rates seem reasonable.


While the best choice is not to drink at all, if you do choose to drink and do not have a ride, Uber is a viable option and can save you thousands of dollars not to mention your freedom in avoiding a DWI or a drunk driving accident.



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