Short Term Car Rentals

Written by greg on January 31, 2013

The newest alternative to monthly car payments is the growing practice of ‘car-sharing’ (known in some areas as ‘car clubs’). If you know anything about ‘time-share’ properties – then you should be able to apply that concept to the vehicle industry.

Car-sharing is a ‘form’ of car rental – except that people may rent a car for as minimal a time-frame as an hour. The statistics are impressive.

*More than one thousand cities globally offer car sharing services.

*The most well-known car rental companies recognize this is a phenomenon that is not going away – including Hertz, Enterprise, UHaul and Avis – and so they have introduced their own car sharing services.

*Certain vehicle manufacturers recognize the sustainability of the car-sharing market long-term and have introduced their own car-sharing services to their current slate of purchase and rental options including Daimler and BMW. All major manufacturers are expected to follow suit in the near future.

*Some of the more well-known and popular car-sharing companies include Autolib’, Avancar, Car2Go, Drivenow, , City Car Club, Greenwheels, Ibilek, Respiro, Stadtmobil, and Zipcar.

*Figures compiled in December 2012 reveal there were an estimated 1.7 million car-sharing members in 27 countries. Car sharing services may even take the form of peer-to-peer.

*There are over 800,000 car sharing individuals in the U.S.

*Zipcar is the most recognizable of these companies with 11,000 cars nationwide.

With all the innovations to the auto industry – it’s apparent the future of driving will surely look very different in less than a decade.

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