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Fatal Truck Accident Kills One on US 59 Near Beeville, TX

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An 18-wheeler accident in Beeville caused the death of one person Tuesday morning. According to reports, the fatal accident included both a semi-truck and two other vehicles. The crash happened about 6:30 in the morning on US 59 just north of Beeville, Texas.

Traffic was stopped on US 59 for many hours while the DPS investigated the crash. Part of the truck Accident Investigation by authorities includes witness interviews and analysis of evidence and measurements from the scene.

The Cause of the Fatal Crash is Unknown Currently

Fatal Truck Wreck on US 59

While the cause of the fatal crash has not been released to the public, whenever a fatal crash happens, the findings from DPS usually take more than a week.

In some instances, the final conclusions from DPS can take several weeks. Often, formal accident reconstruction is created by a computer program to aid authorities in the analysis of the cause or causes of the fatal crash.

Reports Indicate the Investigation is Ongoing

Also, trucking companies usually employ their own teams to investigate fatal accidents. The truck accident attorneys at Baumgartner Law Firm have been hired by many families after the loss of a loved one in an 18-wheeler accident crash and sometimes find the insurance company attorney at the scene of the crash before the vehicles have even been moved.

The reporting indicates the crash involved at least two other vehicles in addition to the big rig. Scene photographs show a pickup truck that impacted the tractor-trailer, which had overturned at some point in the crash.

It is vital that people who have been injured in a trucking accident or families who have lost a loved one contact a qualified truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after the incident.

Jackknifed truck on US 59 in Texas

Jackknife Accidents Often Result in Overturned Big Rigs

A truck accident situation known as a jackknife frequently occurs when there has been an incident of heartbreaking. When the big rig cab travels at a speed lesser than that of the trailer, a jackknife truck accident can occur, and the truck can overturn.

This same situation can happen when a sudden steering correction slows the cab while the trailer pushes ahead. While the details of this fatal accident have not been disclosed, truck accident lawyers with experience can determine the cause of the crash relatively quickly after an initial investigation.

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