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calendar icon15February
Bounce House Injuries: Who is Liable?

  Bounce houses are popular with kids of all ages. Children enjoy jumping and a bounce house provides hours of fun. Bounce houses are especially popular to rent for parties …

calendar icon19April
What Need to Know About Houston Daycare Injury Cases

  The last thing a parent expects after dropping a child off at daycare is a phone call saying that the child was hurt. It is can be a terrifying …

calendar icon02April
Tip-Over Furniture Accidents: Who is to Blame?

  When we purchase furniture and television sets, we do not expect them to cause any type of injuries. Unfortunately, tip-over accidents are a common cause of injuries, particularly to …

calendar icon18June
What you need to know about children injured in fitness centers!

  In the 1970s and into the 80s, roller rinks where the fad. Today, society is ever health-conscious and fitness centers are extremely popular. Many of these centers offer childcare …