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Bounce House Injuries: Who is Liable?


Bounce houses are popular with kids of all ages. Children enjoy jumping and a bounce house provides hours of fun. Bounce houses are especially popular to rent for parties and events. Kids have their own place to bounce for hours while adults can converse and enjoy the party. You will see inflatables in various themes, so there is sure to be one that fits your child’s interests. While bounce houses may seem enjoyable and safe, they can actually cause serious injuries. When a bounce house breaks or malfunctions, it can cause a child to become seriously hurt.injured in bounce house

How do Bounce House Injuries Occur?

Injuries in bounce houses can be serious. Accidents can occur in a variety of ways. One of the most common ways that children get hurt is by colliding with other kids in the house. Overcrowding is one problem that can lead to collisions of this kind. There should only be a limited number of kids jumping at the same time. Another problem occurs when small children get tossed around as larger kids jump inside. The kids have little control over where they land, and they can get hurt.

Other accidents that have become more prevalent in recent months occur when a bounce house is not properly secured. The house can shift position when kids use it or the entire house can be lifted off the ground in a sudden wind. When a bounce house shifts or flies in the air, the children inside can get severely hurt. Adults need to ensure that the unit is adequately secured and must supervise the use of the house.

Liability for Bounce House Injuries

Texas law requires bounce house owners to have adequate liability insurance in case of accidents. However, the insurance will not generally protect against negligence by a person who rents a bounce house. Since most people rent bounce houses, their own insurance should provide coverage if a child gets hurt. The negligent party is responsible for the injuries to children or others due to a bounce house incident. Negligence simply means that the party did not take normal care to prevent someone from getting hurt.

For example, a parent who sets up a bounce house for a party has the responsibility to set it up properly and in accordance with the safety rules of the unit. That parent might have to take steps to keep kids safe while they use the house, as well, by supervising the children to prevent injuries. Not all injuries are due to negligence. Bounce house injuries call also occur at daycare centers on play-day.

However, if your child suffers a serious injury in a bounce house, you need to take steps to determine who may be legally responsible. In some cases, the rental company or the manufacturer could be responsible. The negligent party may owe money for medical bills and other damages due to the injury.

If your child suffered an injury in a bounce house, one of the first steps you can take is to discuss the matter with an experienced attorney. At Baumgartner Law Firm, we have a team of skilled lawyers available to answer your questions and review the accident to determine how to move forward. We will help you get the money you deserve for your child’s injury.

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