Ambien Can Be Like Drunk Driving

Recently the manufacture of the popular sleep aid Ambien issued an advisory to doctors seeking to reduce the milligrams of prescriptions for some users. Manufacturers of the medication which includes the active ingredient zolpidem, were advised by the FDA to lower the recommended dosage in some cases because of the potential for impaired alertness in activities such as driving.

The manufacturers will be required to add new labels to the medication and undoubtedly have been in contact with physicians regarding the recommendations.

Apparently, women are much more susceptible to the situation described as next – morning impairment. That condition can have an impact on driving that can endanger the user and others. With the extended release medication the susceptibility to impairment the next day is increased.

This resulted in many users of the popular sleep medication getting arrested for suspicion of drunken driving after an accident. In our Houston injury practice we have seen numerous examples of sleepy driving related to the popular drug Ambien.

The effects are even more astounding when the sleeping medication is combined with other drugs or alcohol or if someone sleeps less than the recommended 7 to 8 hours.

For those people who suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia the popular drug Ambien has been a significant improvement to their life. However, the side effects must be considered and anyone taking this medication should be alerted to the potential for next morning impairment. In some instances the impairment while driving can appear exactly like someone who has been intoxicated. Obviously, a very dangerous situation to put yourself or others in.

There’s a fine line between medical treatment and abuse and many Ambien users are so desperate for a good nights sleep that they may find themselves needing the prescription drug to sleep. With many popular sleep medications addiction is a potential complication.

If you are required to take Ambien to combat insomnia, make sure you have discussed your recommended dose with your doctor and ensure that you can devote a good solid eight hours to sleeping before you need to drive your vehicle.

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