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Written by Greg on September 26, 2012

Fall is a favorite season of many Americans – ushering in a refreshing change of weather, football and cider mills running at full ‘speed’ – and a return to weekly school schedules. Unfortunately, between May when school is dismissed and August or September when it begins again – many motorists forget the ‘rules’ of driving with regard to school buses and/or children walking to school. So what follows is a list of regulations for drivers commuting near schools and around buses.

*Today’s buses are equipped with red overhead flashing light as well as an extended stop arm that are designed to  tell drivers that a school bus is stopped to load or unload children. Stop at least 20 feet from the front or rear of a school bus when red lights are flashing and do not proceed until the school bus resumes motion or the bus driver motions you to go ahead.

*Always be alert and prepared to stop when driving near a school bus. Flashing overhead yellow lights indicate the bus is preparing to stop. Drive with extreme caution if you see the yellow hazard warning lights flashing on a moving or stopped bus.

*Also remember to drive slowly when children are walking to school – they may dart out in front of your vehicle unexpectedly. Be aware that caution is necessary when driving past groups of children waiting at designated bus stops as well.

Be careful driver will make sure that they are slowly during school hours in residential areas and also of a the speed limits in designated school zones. Keep a careful watch for school buses and for children darting out to meet the bus.

As every parent knows, children do not have the same awareness for danger as adults and also are much harder to see running out into traffic. The best course of action is to be extra cautious in residential neighborhoods and around schools.

Greg  Baumgartner  is a Tx personal injury attorney and safety advocate.

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