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calendar icon24July
What Lawyers Really Need To Know About SEO

Recently, I evaluated an attorney’s website to give recommendations about internet visibility for that website.  Most attorneys have no idea what SEO or search engine optimization involves. Search engine optimization is getting a …

Can I get damages for a pre-existing injury
calendar icon05July
How do Pre-Existing Injuries Affect a Texas Personal Injury Claim?

How do Pre-Existing Injuries Impact a Texas Personal Injury Claim? Accidents are common occurrences in Texas. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), every two minutes a person is …

calendar icon07February
Preparing for and Giving a Deposition in Texas

When a personal injury case is in court, it’s essential to gather evidence. One part of gathering evidence is a deposition. This is court-ordered testimony that seeks to question the …

calendar icon30April
TXDOT- Fighting DWI’s with Soberrides.org

  Presented by the Texas Department of Transportation, Soberrides.org offers a new, innovative approach to encouraging drivers to drive safely by offering sober ride resources. As Soberride.org points out, over …

calendar icon15February
Bounce House Injuries: Who is Liable?

  Bounce houses are popular with kids of all ages. Children enjoy jumping and a bounce house provides hours of fun. Bounce houses are especially popular to rent for parties …

calendar icon10January
Does it Hurt My Case If I Delay Seeing the Doctor After a Car Accident?

  A car accident can happen in an instant. One minute you are driving along with no problem, and the next minute you are sitting in a smashed-up car, waiting …