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calendar icon15March
Social Media After A Car Wreck

Car wrecks can be extremely traumatic and filled with frustration dealing with the insurance company, particularly, if it is not your own insurance company. The more serious the injury, the …

calendar icon16February
How to Research a Personal Injury Attorney?

  Every person who has been injured in an accident and is considering hiring an attorney to help them with their personal injury claim should conduct some basic research regarding …

calendar icon29January
Accounting After An Injury Settlement

If you have retained a personal injury lawyer and have reached a settlement or other resolution of your case, you should expect a detailed accounting from the attorney regarding the …

calendar icon22September
Do I Need To See An Orthopedic Specialist After An Accident?

It is it not uncommon that vehicle collisions result in the need for the services of an orthopedic surgeon. Many times an orthopedic specialist is called in when the truck …

calendar icon10November
Why You Must Be Candid With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

    Accident victims routinely make the mistake of not fully informing their attorney of facts that may adversely affect their case. While motivations vary from thinking it may not …

calendar icon05January
Workplace Injuries in Texas

In Texas, the employer has a general duty to provide a safe working environment for its employees that can include such things as proper equipment, proper training and sufficient personnel …