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calendar icon10August
Contingency Fees in a Personal Injury Case

If you have been injured in an accident, the last thing you need is the added burden of trying to find a way to come up with the money to …

calendar icon12June
Top 6 Mistakes in Hiring a Car Wreck Lawyer

Top six mistakes people make when hiring a personal injury lawyer   Without further delay, here are the top six mistakes made by people when hiring a personal injury attorney: …

calendar icon17May
How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take in Texas?

Every personal injury case is unique and at the same time many are very similar. Some personal injury cases take much longer than others and some of the factors that …

calendar icon27April
What You Need To Know About Personal Injury Damages in Texas

After an accident in which you’ve been injured, you probably want to pursue damages as compensation for your injuries. You may have talked with friends and family members who have …

calendar icon15March
Social Media After A Car Wreck

Car wrecks can be extremely traumatic and filled with frustration dealing with the insurance company, particularly, if it is not your own insurance company. The more serious the injury, the …

calendar icon16February
How to Research a Personal Injury Attorney?

  Every person who has been injured in an accident and is considering hiring an attorney to help them with their personal injury claim should conduct some basic research regarding …