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What Should I do After an Amusement Park Accident?

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When you visit the amusement park or carnival with your family, you expect to have an enjoyable time. There are plenty of things to do, and rides are among the most popular attractions. Unfortunately, sometimes a ride malfunctions and causes an accident.

When an accident occurs, it can be devastating, and the injuries may be severe and life-threatening. Some rides seem more dangerous than others, but as parents, we trust that they are safe for our families.  It can be impossible to predict when a ride will fail and cause injuries.

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Carnival and Fair Rules and Regulations

Texas has an occupations code that covers amusement rides and entertainment. The Amusement Ride Safety Inspection and Insurance Act applies to most rides that are open to the public. Rides must comply with the guidelines of the ordinance in order to be approved for use in Texas.

The Texas Department of Insurance inspects rides and issues compliance stickers. Ride owners or operators must comply with inspections at least once a month. Operators must carry insurance to protect the public in case of an accident.

Ride inspectors are certified through the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO). They provide education, training, and information to professionals to ensure ride safety. Although safety processes are in place, accidents still can and do occur.

Amusement ride injuries can range from minor bumps and scrapes to major injuries such as head trauma, back and neck injuries, broken bones, or wrongful death.

What Causes Amusement Park Ride Accidents?

Amusement park rides are fun and exciting until an accident happens. Accidents can happen for a number of reasons. Human error can cause or contribute to an amusement park ride accident. Ride operators may not be properly trained on the function of the equipment.

They must know how to operate the machinery, and they need to know what to do if there is a problem. Sometimes a simple malfunction can turn into a devastating crash if the operator does not handle the situation properly.

Amusement rides are mechanical, and therefore, they have many moving parts. They require a great deal of maintenance to keep them functioning safely. In addition, rides are often taken apart for transportation to another location and then built again at the new site.

Every time a ride is built, it has the potential for problems. Additionally, many rides are old, and owners try to use them for as many years as they can before purchasing a new one.

Parents should be vigilant when they allow their children to get on amusement park rides. Check for the safety sticker. Observe the ride for a few minutes before you allow your child to get on. Do not allow your child to ride if you notice any problems or irregularities. Report any problems that you see to the manager.

If you or your child is the victim of a ride failure, you may be seriously hurt. The negligent party is responsible for providing you with compensation for your injuries as well as money for pain and suffering.

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