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Texas injury claims for minors
calendar icon06May
Texas Procedures for Injury Settlements that Involve Minors

  There is not much more difficult for a parent then dealing with an injury to their child. All of us with children have made the trip to the emergency …

calendar icon22January
What Yielding the Right of Way Means

For many drivers, the idea of the right-of-way can simply be a reference to the requirement that one needs to obey all traffic laws, including those at a controlled intersection. …

calendar icon09May
Relevance of Evidence in a Personal Injury Case in Texas

  Each state provides its own rules of evidence, and relevancy is a rule that is one of the most important rules of evidence in Texas and the nation. As …

calendar icon05May
Negligent Entrustment Claims in Texas

  In some circumstances, an owner of the vehicle can be held accountable for its use by another person. This concept is called negligent entrustment. This article answers the following …

calendar icon28April
Disabled Trucks Pose Danger for Drivers

  We have all seen big-rigs pulled to the side of the road, unable to move. Trucks, like any other vehicle, break down occasionally. When they do, they can pose …

calendar icon20March
How a Traffic Ticket Impacts an Auto Injury Case

In Houston, Texas, the odds of being in an injury accident while driving are more significant than not. Between traffic congestion, driver distraction, and the sheer number of drivers on …