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Common Out-Of-Service Violations of Semi-Trucks

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Semi-trucks are vital to the transportation industry, delivering goods and products nationwide. However, with the large size and weight of these vehicles, they must be properly maintained and operated to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Unfortunately, many out-of-service violations still occur with semi-trucks, resulting in fines and potential danger.

Houston 18-wheeler lawyer Greg Baumgartner discusses the most common out-of-service semi-truck violations and how to avoid them.

Common out of service violations of semi-trucks

Safety Inspections by HPD

Houston police conduct safety inspections frequently to keep our community safer. Here are some of the common safety violations they find.

Alternatively, hiring a trucking accident law firm to investigate the crash leads to evidence of rule violations.

Brake System Violations

One of the most common mechanical failures for semi-trucks is related to the brake system. This can include worn brake pads, air leaks, and faulty brake lights.

Brake violations are dangerous for drivers and other vehicles and can result in hefty fines and out-of-service orders. To avoid braking violations, it is important for trucking companies to regularly inspect and maintain their brake systems and address any issues immediately.

Tire and Wheel Violations

Another common out-of-service violation for semi-trucks is related to tires and wheels. This can include worn or underinflated tires, missing lug nuts, and damaged wheels. Tire or wheel violations not only affect the safety of the truck and its cargo but can also cause road accidents.

Trucking companies should regularly inspect their tires and wheels to prevent these violations and replace worn or damaged parts.

Lighting and Electrical Violations

Proper lighting and electrical systems are crucial for the safe operation of semi-trucks. However, these systems are also common sources of out-of-service violations of semi-trucks. Problems can include broken headlights, malfunctioning turn signals, and faulty wiring.

Light and electrical violations not only put the driver and other vehicles at risk but can also result in fines and out-of-service orders. Trucking companies should regularly inspect and maintain their lighting and electrical systems to avoid these violations.

Load Securement Violations

Semi-trucks transport large and heavy loads, making proper load securement essential for safe operation. However, load securement violations are still a common out-of-service violation for semi-trucks. This can include unsecured cargo, overloaded trailers, and improper tie-down use.

These violations put the driver and other vehicles at risk and can result in fines and out-of-service orders. Trucking companies should properly train their drivers on load securement techniques to prevent violations and regularly inspect their loads before hitting the road.

Hours of Service Violations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has strict regulations on how many hours a truck driver can operate daily and weekly. However, dot violations like hours-of-service violations are still common out-of-service violations for semi-trucks.

Frequently, hours violations are not discovered until after the truck driver is sued and discovery is available.

This can include falsifying logbooks, driving for maximum hours, and not taking required breaks.

Hours dot violations put the driver and other vehicles at risk and can result in fines and out-of-service orders. Trucking companies should properly train their drivers on hours-of-service regulations to avoid these violations and ensure they follow them accurately.

Fatigued truck drivers cause many truck crashes. The rules limiting the hours a trucker can work and driver are designed to reduce accidents and keep everyone safe.

Trucking companies can help keep their drivers, cargo, and other vehicles safe by being aware of these common out-of-service violations and taking the necessary precautions. Regular maintenance and proper training are key to avoiding these violations and ensuring the safe operation of semi-trucks.

Safety Rules for Trucking Companies Help Victims

Truck accidents are different from car wrecks in many ways. The rules for truckers provide the minimum level of duty they owe the public. Violations make suing the truck driver much easier.

If hurt in a truck accident, hiring an attorney should be done immediately to give them the best chance to obtain important evidence.

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