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Top 7 Legal Technology Blogs

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One of the biggest challenges today for busy attorneys is keeping abreast of new technological advances that can help their practices and personal productivity. 

With the recent wave of mobile advances, the prospect of super-fast cell service, and internet speeds ten times faster than we are used to, keeping up with technology is no longer optional.

Attorneys are “change-averse” by nature, and lawyers who embrace technology will be in a much better position to compete for new business.

Here is a list of useful technology blog sites that can make keeping up with legal technology easier.

  1. Attorney at Work is a great resource for attorneys with product reviews and helpful practice information.
  1. authored by Robert Ambrogi- provides legal technology news.
  1. Jeff Richardson has written this blog with product reviews and Apple-oriented technology for law firms.
  1. Register to receive technology articles by email, authored by many experts on subjects useful to attorneys.
  1. has good articles, including one of my favorite tech authors, Nicole Black.
  1. covers new products that are useful to attorneys and various how-to articles.
  1. has great articles covering subjects of interest to attorneys as well as technology.