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Demonstrative Evidence in a Personal Injury Trial

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Demonstrative evidence is evidence other than testimony in the trial of the case. Demonstrative evidence in a personal injury trial can be a photograph of a wrecked vehicle, the accident scene, or even a medical depiction of the injuries sustained by the victim.

Using Images is Vital to Tell the Story

The importance of the effective use of demonstrative evidence can not be overstated. This is particularly true regarding issues such as medical conditions and medical treatment. The personal injury attorney needs to be able to convey to the jury a clear sense of what the injury is and the medical treatment for that injury.

Using Images to Show the Seriousness of an Injury

Typically, x-rays, MRI reproductions, or illustrations can be used with a treating physician testifying about the medical condition. The old saying that a picture is worth 1000 words applies to personal injury litigation.

Demonstrative evidence

The more complex the case, the more demonstrative evidence is important to simplify the issues and allow the jury to understand the facts. Demonstrative evidence can also be used in explaining how an accident occurred, and one of the easiest methods is for a model to be used. Many expert witnesses use reproductions or computer animations to explain the accident scenario.

Demonstrative evidence can also help a jury understand the injuries, which can assist in a fair evaluation of pain and suffering.

Demonstrative Evidence is Now Easily Produced

In the old days of Texas personal injury lawsuits,  graphs, and charts were used to convey information on an image basis. With the rapid increase in technology, trial lawyers had to outsource trial exhibits, and today many of the same trial exhibits can be produced in-house at little expense.

Timelines are now created by apps available in almost every operating system. Photo editing is now even available on mobile devices like the iPhone. Movies and videos can now be produced in-house at a fraction of the cost just a few years ago. At one time, creating a day-in-the-life film or other demonstrative aid was expensive.

Technology has also allowed trial attorneys to use tools such as the iPad with Trial Pad to reproduce on a screen trial exhibit or demonstrative aid. Pulling up an image at the touch of a finger is a potent tool for the personal injury practitioner. Here is a list of the best apps for trial lawyers.

Many plaintiffs’ personal injury and defense attorneys have used the iPad in lawsuits.

Technology for trial lawyers has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last few years.

Demonstrating evidence is a necessary and powerful tool when used with testimony from a witness in a personal injury trial.

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