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Handling a personal injury case without a lawyer
calendar icon19November
Handling a Personal Injury Case Without a Lawyer

In my over 30 years of practicing as a personal injury attorney in Houston, Texas, one of the single most significant mistakes that I see personal injury victims make is expecting the …

State Farm Auto Accident Claims
calendar icon17September
Handling a State Farm Car Accident Claim

  State Farm is one of the largest auto insurance companies doing business in the state of Texas. State Farm’s reputation is good. But handling a claim with State Farm …

What is a slipped disc?
calendar icon06May
Ruptured Discs after a Car Accident: How They Can Impact You (And the Compensation You Deserve)

  Did you suffer ruptured or slipped discs in a car accident? Unfortunately, ruptured, or herniated, discs occur all too frequently in car accidents. Often, slipped, or herniated, discs cause …

Low Settlement Offer
calendar icon03May
How to Deal with a Low Settlement Offer

Most people do not understand that interactions with an insurance adjuster on a personal injury claim can be stressful and certainly not fun. Even after the insurance company has stipulated …

calendar icon05February
Why is the Insurance Company Low Balling Me?

Why is the insurance company lowballing me? That question is asked frequently by accident victims. It’s hard for people to understand why companies offer low accounting when they are trying …

calendar icon31March
Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Texas

    What if you are in an accident with a driver without insurance? Or your automobile accident and have suffered very severe injuries, and the driver of the vehicle …

calendar icon23April
Do I Have to Get an Independent Medical Exam?

  After you have been injured in an accident, the first and most important thing to do is visit the doctor or emergency room. The doctor will evaluate your injuries …

calendar icon12December
What You Need to Know About Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster on a Personal Injury Claim

Know the adjuster is not on your side! The larger your personal injury claim the more likely it is that the adjuster contacting you will be nice and friendly. The …

calendar icon28May
Secrets of Handling Your Own Personal Injury Case- Revealed!

Hiring the best personal injury attorney should be your first step for the severely injured after a car or truck accident. Houston personal injury victims must make a series of …

calendar icon20April
Secrets of Negotiation- For Personal Injury Victims

Make a claim early – but do not negotiate until you are ready. Opening the claim with the insurance company soon after the accident is usually a good idea. By …

calendar icon13January

    Another reason that people who try to handle their own personal injury claims get burned is illustrated in the case of Windell Gilbert Vs. Cherish Fitz from the …

calendar icon07May
Top 10 Insurance Company Tricks for Car Accident Victims

  People who have been injured in a car accident do not usually understand the claims handling process and the complexities that go along with the injury claim. Insurance companies …