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The Best Apps for Trial Lawyers


There’s no doubt that Apple has taken consumers by storm and that includes attorneys. For trial lawyers, the iPhone and iPad have become essential tools of the trade. The iPad particularly has developed as a go-to tool by many law firms for the preparation of depositions, presentations at trial and even drafting briefs.


Best Litigation AppsThe trend with the move toward mobile access with iPads and other tablets has matured with the introduction of Microsoft’s Surface lineup and also the iPad Pro series. Adding a pen and handwriting capabilities for editing documents and screenshots has been a very helpful addition to the litigator’s toolbox.


Years ago, the Tablet PC was a godsend for productivity. Unfortunately, the product never received adequate attention and only recently has been revived with the Microsoft Surface products. Let us hope Microsoft supports and evolves the Surface Pro and Surface Book.


In the meantime, here is my list of the best of the best iPad apps for trial lawyers




TrialPad is currently $129.99. TrialPad is without a doubt the leading iPad application for trial presentations. The software has received substantial updates and is better than ever and certainly in my opinion worth the price. We wrote an article about the older version of Trialpad and you can read it here.

The newer version has added even more features and the learning curve, as with prior versions, is not very steep. One of the best benefits of using TrialPad for trial presentation is the ease of organizing your case. I have found that the time spent with TrialPad is very effective in organizing my case mentally and physically.


With TrialPad you’re able to easily organize your exhibits for quick presentation in a most effective manner. You can zoom in or highlight documents on the fly, present videos, and even call out portions of a document for your jury. The app is very effective in calling attention to portions of exhibits that you feel are important for your jury to understand.


Honorable mention:


Keynote– $9.95. Apple’s keynote software is very simple to use and relatively inexpensive. Presentations can be developed quickly in either Keynote or PowerPoint. iPhone apps are available to remotely control the presentation.


Powerpoint- 30days free & price varies. PowerPoint is available as an app in the Microsoft 365 product and also with standalone versions of the Microsoft Office. The Microsoft 365 offering is generally a good bargain for those practitioners who use Word, Outlook, or PowerPoint.


Exhibit View- $89.99. This iPad app is similar to TrialPad but I find the user interface not quite as easy. The company offers a PC product in addition to the iPad app.




LiquidText– Extremely seamless reading and annotating PDF documents. You will think it is magic!


Honorable mention:


Transcript Pad– $89.99.

Very easy organization of depositions and exhibits. New features include search and reports that make this app one to consider if you report on depositions taken. Additional features include double cuts that can be emailed to other counsel.




Fast case. Very easy research app for iPads. Easy to use and cannot beat the price.




DocReviewPad- $89.99. From lit software, this product makes Bates stamping and organization of production materials simple. Very easy to use and organize documents received and produced in discovery.



About the author: Greg Baumgartner is an AV-rated personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX.


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