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Safety Tips for Using GPS Navigation

How to use GPS safely


It seems like almost yesterday that GPS equipment was expensive and hard to use. Now global positioning systems come on almost every smart phone out there and is accurate to the point of being scary.


Many young drivers have come to rely upon GPS as their primary method of navigating as opposed to the old school methods of studying maps and learning directions. Younger drivers do not want the directions they want the address so they can use their smart phones to guide them to the location.


Whether you use a app on your iPhone or your navigation system in your automobile or pickup, there are certain safety tips that will help you arrive safely.




The first safety tip is to program your GPS device with the address before you leave. Any accidents are caused by distracted drivers who are attempting to punch in the address or dictate the address to their GPS device while driving. Don’t go there. Spending just a minute before you start making sure that you have added the address correctly and know the general route is the first step to proper use of your GPS device.




Whether you are using an app on your iPhone, android device or other GPS, if the application has voice directions it is a good idea to utilize that. The best GPS systems provide very good feedback to the driver giving the driver plenty of time to prepare for changes in lames and streets. Additionally, using the voice direction feature serves to prevent unnecessarily distraction by taking your eyes off of the road and looking at your GPS device.




Another safety tip is to put your passenger in charge of the directions. If you do not have voice directions, have your passenger look at your GPS device and give you instructions -so you can keep your eyes on the road. A great number of unnecessary car accidents occur simply because the driver was paying attention to something other than the roadway ahead.




GPS systems are not infallible. Paying attention to the direction traveled and having looked at the destination and route before starting your trip can help you stay on course. Always obey traffic signs and anticipate there may be changes not reflected on your GPS information. It all boils down to paying attention to the roadway and not your device. Depending on the device, the maps may not be updated for the latest highway you are on.




Know how to operate your GPS device and take advantage of it safety features such as voice control. If you do not know how to use your application or the building GPS navigation in your vehicle go to YouTube and you can find a video that will walk you through the steps to understand how to use your specific GPS.




The basic rule of safety and using the GPS device is always keep your eyes on the road and not on the device. If you must reset or change your destination in your device pull off the road where you can safely and re-program your GPS before you start your trip again.



Using the GPS device can be a great way to get you from point a to point B safely. Understanding how to safely use a global positioning system requires understanding of how to operate your system, using it to the fullest extent you can safely and always keep your eyes on the road way ahead of you.


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