3 Things Your Injury Attorney Needs To Know

Written by Greg on November 30, 2012

The importance of being truthful and candid with your personal injury attorney cannot be overemphasized. Many experienced personal injury lawyers have a favorite tale of a client who did not level with the attorney, only to have the case damaged or ruined at trial as a result.

However much of the time, if not most of the time had the client been truthful and forthright with their attorney the damage could have been avoided completely or minimized by taking it on upfront.

Personal injury attorneys generally handle cases where they bet their time and their money on the case and don’t get paid unless they win. For that reason, and for the attorney’s own credibility, finding out that a client had not been candid with you is sometimes something that we cannot easily forgive and can lead to an attorney withdrawing from representing you.

Three Things Your Attorney Needs to Know

For my list of 3 things that your Houston personal injury attorney needs to know, I’ve included the major items but that list one that certainly can be lengthened easily.


Your personal injury attorney needs to know if you’ve had any prior injuries or issues with any of the areas that were affected by this accident. Most injury victims don’t understand that the defense attorney and the insurance carrier will end up getting a substantial number of years of their medical records to review. If you have had prior issues in the past, it is critical that your attorney know that upfront.


If you have made prior insurance claims particularly from an injury, your attorney must know that very early on in the process. Insurance carriers and defense lawyers have access to online records showing a person’s claim history and information about the prior claim. Being truthful and straight up when dealing with an attorney you are considering can make a big difference in the potential outcome of your case. Failing to disclose or not being candid with your attorney can easily lead to your attorney returning the file to you.


If you have been in trouble with the law, and are making a personal injury claim your attorney must know about the details of the problem and any charges that were filed. If the attorney knows about the issues they are in a good position to deal with it and can in some instances keep some or even all of the information that may be harmful, out of a trial.

The relationship with the attorney you choose is one based upon trust, you are trusting the attorney to do a good job for you and the attorney trusts you to be truthful and candid with them about how the accident happened and also the above-referenced areas. Do not make the mistake of assuming that you know more about the law than your attorney and failed to disclose important information to them. The vast majority of the time an attorney can head off problems simply by knowing of them in advance, but when blindsided at trial, the damage has already been done.

Greg Baumgartner is a Texas injury attorney.

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