Texting, Driving and Accidents

Written by greg on December 30, 2013

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Recent studies have shown that texting while driving is almost as dangerous to the driver and the public as an intoxicated driver. With the rapid growth of smart phones and mobile e-mail and text messages as a dominant method of communication comes the unwelcome consequence of an increase in serious traffic accidents as a result of inattention.

It takes only a fraction of a of a second to radically alter and disrupt one’s life. That can be the short time it takes to look down at your cell phone after you hear the “bing” of a new text message and take your eyes off the road.

The problem is much greater with the younger driver who tends to text as opposed to talk on the phone as their primary method of communication. As parents of teenagers we can tell you, it is not unheard of for teenagers to send 5000 text messages a month and that spells disaster for the teenage driver.

It is critically important that parents demand that teenagers do not use their cell phone either texting or talking while driving. Not only should parents enforce this rule with the rigor but also monitor your teenage driver for the use of the cell phone while driving.

Sometimes with car accidents, there is no second chance. Make sure your teenage driver is aware of the dangers and not only does not text and drive but does not ride with the texting driver. Further, it is up to us as parents to lead by example.

There are apps which can detect motion on a cell phone and turn off texting functions and this may be a good start, however putting your phone on silence whenever driving is probably a better alternative.

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