Preventing DWI Car Accidents

The greater Houston area has a huge problem with fatal and serious injury DUI or DWI car accidents. There are more fatal car crashes in the greater Houston area where alcohol is alleged to have been a factor than there is in any other major metropolitan area in the country.

How to Fight Houston DWI Accidents

To combat the growing problem, law enforcement has taken unusual steps in recent times. First and very effective was the “no refusal” policy that enabled officers to get blood samples from those who would otherwise refuse to take a test. Funding was limited for the program so authorities had to use it during times of greatest need. Holiday weekends and major events or targeted for no refusal implementation.

The longer view however requires that we address the problem with new drivers as early as possible. Campaigns such as “friends don’t let friends drive drunk” or “DWI you can afford it” or even “don’t ride drunk”, are all very effective ways of communicating the danger of drunken driving.

DUI car accidents are very likely to cause serious injury because speed is usually also a factor in the accident. The same condition that causes problems in judgment also applies to the speed of the vehicle. Usually a DWI accident will be a major wreck.

Another way of combating the DWI car accident is to fight the dilemma at the cause. Holding bars or clubs accountable for over serving their customers when they knew or should have known that they were obviously intoxicated is a good start. Texas has a long known as the “dram shop act” which allows innocent victims to pursue civil actions against restaurants or bars that over serve their patrons in certain circumstances.

It is only with a coordinated effort on multiple fronts can we make a significant dent in the drunk driving accident problem in Texas. Alcohol is a factor in a very high percentage of teenage fatal accidents in our state. Can we afford not to fund campaigns to educate our children about the dangers of drinking and driving?

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