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How Tired Truck Drivers Cause Accidents

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If you have been involved in a truck accident, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Getting into a collision with a large truck can be a scary and traumatic experience. Fatigue is often a factor in truck accidents.

Why Tired Truck Drivers

Cause Accidents

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, around 13 percent of commercial vehicle drivers who crashed were fatigued during the accident. Truck drivers are more likely to feel fatigued at night, but fatigue-related accidents can occur at any time of the day as well.

There are several reasons truck drivers may be more prone to driving while tired than drivers of other vehicles. One reason is that they often work long hours. They not only drive for many hours each day, but they also drive for many consecutive hours in a row. Driving for so long can quickly get monotonous and tiring.

Truck drivers often wake up early in the morning to drive or stay up late at night so that the supplies they are carrying can get to their destinations in time.

Truck drivers are important for getting food, medical supplies, mail, and other commercial items to destinations such as supermarkets and warehouses. They are often pressured by their employers to keep up with the demand. Not only can this cause truck drivers to drive faster than they should, it often causes them to skip breaks and rest stops to save time. They may skip meals as well or rely on coffee and energy drinks to stay alert. This creates a dangerous mix of fatigue, hunger, and irritability that can lead to fatal accidents.

Why You Need to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Without Delay

If you were involved in an accident with a large truck, don’t delay in calling a personal injury attorney. Evidence, including photographs of the crash scene and physical injuries, must be taken. Truck companies will often send a legal response team to help their drivers to evade responsibility. They might reconstruct the accident and attempt to shift the blame on you. Insurance companies may try to avoid giving you the compensation you deserve, and investigating officers may not be thorough with their investigations.

Call at truck accident attorney at Baumgartner Law Firm, and we will send our legal team to help you out. We will investigate the circumstances of the accident, including compliance with driving regulations, truck maintenance records, and even the truck’s black box. Try to take photos documenting the evidence yourself right away and call us before you make any statement to your insurance company.


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