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What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

For those workers who have been injured, such as through an accident at work, questions can often arise on what the Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) might be. (more…)

How Much Space You Need Between Cars at Highway Speeds?

Many people are aware that there should be enough space between the cars in front of you in order to create a safety zone in the event that an emergency stop must be made. (more…)

How to Avoid Hydroplaning (Driving Safely in Rain)

When summer and spring rains begin to fall down it also brings the richness of new lives, flowers blooming…and accidents. According to the Autoinsurance.org, there are approximately 1,561,430 weather-related accidents each year; of this, 57% are not reported. (more…)

How To Childproof Your Home

As parents, we are constantly worried about the general safety and welfare of our children. We ensure that we strategically watch over them at parks and playgrounds, we question the quality and health content of their food, and we read parenting guides that give us additional suggestions. (more…)

How to Find Out About Recalls

For many vehicle owners, awareness is often made on tire safety, fuel efficiency, and overall maintenance of the automobile. However, many drivers are not aware that vehicle recalls should also factor into ensuring car safety and should be checked for on a regular basis. (more…)

Tire Safety Tips

For many of us, summer brings trips to family and friends, taking the kids out to parks, museums, and other offerings of the city. However, because of the increased wear and tear on our cars, tire safety is paramount. (more…)

How to file a complaint against your insurance company

The Texas Department of Insurance has a department dedicated to helping people resolve complaints against their insurance companies. They also help with complaints against insurance agents and also adjusters handling claims. (more…)

Pool Safety Tips – How to Guard Against Accidental Drowning

Summer is officially upon us! The heat index is pushing near the 100s, plants are blooming with rich vibrancy, and the pool is ready for swimming. (more…)

Social Media and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Social media has largely been very prevalent in recent years, with many users engaging in these sites on a day-to-day or even hourly-to-hourly basis. (more…)

Why Buy Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Texas?

One of the most important coverage’s that you can purchase on your automobile insurance policy is that of underinsured – uninsured motorist coverage. (more…)

How Many Drinks until You are Impaired

Although, alcohol remains one of the premiere ways that adults socialize, there is also a level of stigma that should not be avoided. This is especially true in regards to intoxication and impairment. In this vein, one should also use strong judgment when engaging in socialized or personal drinking. (more…)

How to Recognize Child Abuse

While many people are aware that child abuse is a horrific act, no matter what its type, many are afraid to report the incident. There are some that believe that they may be overstepping their bounds and reading too far into something. (more…)

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