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Let Your Insurance Company Inspect Your Car

Your insurance company has the right to inspect your car and mask you to take the car to a specific facility. A better approach may be to let the insurance company know where they can come and inspect your vehicle. You have the right to select to actually does repairs on your vehicle and it is best to let that shop deal directly with the insurance company regarding repairs.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Look at your automobile insurance policy to determine what types of coverage you may have that could assist you after a car wreck. Rental car coverage, collision coverage, personal injury protection or medical payment coverage, and underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage all may be important to you.

Recorded Statements

Your own insurance company is entitled to know what happened in the accident and may ask for a recorded statement. Consider speaking with a personal injury attorney prior to considering such statement if you were injured in the accident. If the negligent party’s insurance company wants a recorded statement you definitely should speak to an attorney before giving such statement, if you are injured.

Inspect The Repairs

Make sure your vehicles repaired to your satisfaction prior to accepting the car from the repair shop. If you have issues after you pick up the vehicle make sure you probably take it back to the repair shop and reported to your insurance company.

Greg Baumgartner

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