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How to file a complaint against your insurance company

The Texas Department of Insurance has a department dedicated to helping people resolve complaints against their insurance companies. They also help with complaints against insurance agents and also adjusters handling claims.

In order for a consumer to file a complaint they should get in contact with the Texas Department of insurance by visiting their website.

Once at the website, you can download a form to fill out to start the process of complaint.

Going online is the easiest method of starting the process of complaining against her insurance company and asking for help from the state department. However you may also email the apartment at ConsumerProtection@tdi.texas.gov or mail your complaint to:

Texas Department of Insurance

Consumer Protection Section (MC111-1a)

PO Box 149091

Austin, Texas 78714 – 9091

Before you file a complaint, the department recommends that you speak with your insurance company’s customer service department first in an attempt to resolve the issue.

They also recommend that when contacting your company look for a toll-free number on your policy or call the Texas Department of insurance for their help in getting a toll-free number for the toll free number to the companies consumer help line.

When contacting your own insurance company’s consumer complaint department, make sure you have your policy number ready and make sure you ask for a written response to your complaint or problem.

It is always a good idea to document your communications with your insurance company or the adjuster when having difficulties resolving a claim.

Texas Department of Insurance Limitations

It is important to note that the Texas Department of Insurance will not be able to make findings about who is at fault in an accident, instead requiring the consumer to look toward litigation to resolve the dispute with their insurance company. This is true even though an officer may have issued a ticket to the other party.

Likewise, for personal injury claims, the Department will be unable to assist in negotiating a reasonable settlement of your case.

There are other situations that filing a complaint may make headway, such as a refusal to pay for repairs necessary for your vehicle or some other claims under your automobile insurance policy.

Click here to view the Texas Consumer Bill of Rights from the Texas Department of Insurance website.

The agency recommends that you keep all receipts for repairs to your vehicle and also that you document by video or photographs damage to your car. They also recommend that you do not repair the vehicle until such time as the adjuster has inspected the damage caused by the accident.

Fortunately, mainly due to the provisions of “tort reform”, many of the hardball tactics used by insurance companies in resolving personal injury claims are not able to be adequately remedied by the Texas Department of Insurance complaint process.

Many more cases are forced into litigation in Texas because Texas does not have adequate remedies for bad faith insurance claims handling practices, and such remedies are necessary to ensure fair treatment of the Texas family or Texas consumer. Ask your senator and representative to champion real insurance reform for abusive claims handling practices of insurance companies reaping record profits in Texas.

Greg Baumgartner

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