Tire Safety Tips

For many of us, summer brings trips to family and friends, taking the kids out to parks, museums, and other offerings of the city. However, because of the increased wear and tear on our cars, tire safety is paramount. Although, tires are resilient enough to offer us thousands of miles of service, in order to ensure longevity and offer the most protection, one should ensure that they are maintained properly.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, proper protection helps to avoid against tire breakdowns and potential crashes. In addition, maintaining one’s tires also ensures increased tire life and can even help with getting better fuel economy. Thus, it is recommended that one take time every month to check each tire by following these simple steps:

Tire Safety Checklist

Aside from these important tire safety measures, there are also safety tips that you can follow when driving:

Overall, remember to check your tires monthly and check your tire’s pressure at least twice a month. During colder seasons, tires lose air at a much faster rate and during particular cold snaps; one should check tire pressure on a weekly basis. For this reason it is recommended that a tire pressure gauge be purchased and kept inside your vehicle. These can be purchased at a highly affordable cost and are located at gas stations, auto supply stores, tire dealerships, and many other locations.

The above steps only take minutes to perform, but could potentially safe a life!

Source: http://www.nhtsa.gov/Vehicle+Safety/Tires

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