Seeking Medical After A Car Accident

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If you have been injured in a car wreck seeking prompt medical attention is critically important to not only your health but also your personal injury claim. Many people believe that their symptoms will simply go away and they do not seek medical attention until much later.

Insurance companies are looking for any excuse they can find to reduce what they pay or not pay and discounting the medical treatment is a favorite trick.

It’s one of those darned if you do darned if you don’t situations in that you can expect an insurance adjuster to question the timing of your treatment whether it was too long after the accident, for them, or too early after the accident, for them.

Adjusters will indicate that someone waited too long to get treatment or too long to be diagnosed with the proper injury. Additionally adjusters can be expected to indicate that some treatment was not medically necessary because an appropriate period of time has not passed. An example would be getting an MRI shortly after the accident when the insurance company would prefer that you waited months later and to get the necessary testing.

The best plan is to follow your doctor’s recommendations for your treatment without regard to what the insurance company believes or wants to do. While adjusters would like to substitute their judgment or their attempts at reducing her settlement for their doctors, your health is more important than any insurance claim.

Advanced Testing May Be Necessary

Often a person is “discharged” from the emergency room with instructions to “follow up” with a physician and it is only after an MRI or CT scan is done that the proper diagnosis can be made. Emergency rooms usually only do those tests when severe injury is suspected.

If you have health insurance it is always a good idea to submit your bills to your health insurance company for payment. If your health insurer does not want to pay because it was a car accident, you may want to consider contacting the Texas Insurance Commissioner to file a complaint. See Reporting Insurance Company Abuse.

If you do not have health insurance you will either need to pay for your treatment out-of-pocket, go to a hospital emergency room or find a medical provider who will allow you to pay them out of the proceeds of a new settlement.

Prompt Care Important

It is important that you seek prompt medical attention because as we set forth above, if you delay in seeking treatment, you can bet that the adverse insurance company will claim that the accident did not cause your injuries, regardless of the objective factors.

Many insurance defense law firms have doctors who do nothing but testify before the insurance company and whose opinions are always that the injured victim was not hurt or that the medical treatment they received was excessive and uncalled for. This is called a defense medical examination and the doctors in Houston who perform this type of service for the insurance industry or infamous in their opinions that the victim was not hurt or is exaggerated. One highly use Dr. in the Houston area is famous for his opinion that after the accident victim walked out of the emergency room no further treatment was required.

If you have questions regarding a personal injury claim from a car wreck or would just like to know your rights and options speak to a Houston car accident attorney as soon as possible after the crash.