How To Report A Car Wreck In Houston, TX

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Notifying the police of a car accident can be very important even if you are not injured in the accident. When the police come out to investigate they generally make an official crash report, which can be very helpful if the person who hit you suddenly changes their tune after the cars leave the scene.

It is shocking how often a person who is at fault for the crash indicates they are sorry at the scene but somehow after they’ve contacted the insurance company the accident is now “your” fault. Reporting an accident to the police can help prevent that occurrence.

Police officers will generally interview both drivers and record their recollection of how the accident occurred. This gives you an important witness to prevent the guilty party from “changing her story”.

This article was intended to provide helpful information on how to report your car accident and other important information.

Call 911 For Serious Car Accidents

By reporting your car accident to authorities, a police officer will investigate the crash and generally will prepare an accident report which will both diagram the vehicles and also offer the officer’s opinion whether any laws were broken and who was at fault. While portions of the accident report may or may not be admissible in a personal injury trial, they can provide powerful incentive for the adverse insurance company to accept responsibility and attempt to settle a claim.

Houston Police Department Auto Accident Number

You can also call the Houston Police Department auto accident number, which is:
713 247-4072. Again, it is important to document the accident facts before the story may change by the person who is responsible for the crash.

The Houston Police Department also has a nonemergency number of 713-884-3131 and you can visit the Houston Police Department’s website for even more helpful information.

Obtaining An Accident Report

The Texas Department of Transportation handles all of the accident reports in the state of Texas. Police officers that investigate accidents are supposed to write a report on any crash that results in injury or wrongful death or damage to property that is more than $1000. That report should be submitted to the Texas Department of Transportation within 10 days from the crash date. Texas Transportation Code Section 550.062.

Obtaining A Crash Report

To obtain a copy of your car accident report you can go online and obtain one through the Texas Department of Transportation website.

You’ll need some basic information in order to obtain the report such as:
• Names of the parties involved in the accident
• Date of the accident
• Location of the accident
Additionally, the state charges a fee for the crash reports, which are six dollars for a copy for eight dollars for, certified copy of the official crash report.


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