Pool Safety Tips – How to Guard Against Accidental Drowning

Summer is officially upon us! The heat index is pushing near the 100s, plants are blooming with rich vibrancy, and the pool is ready for swimming. According to the CDC, however, one should be aware that there is an estimated 3,533 unintentional drownings occur each year. The research also showcases that one in five people that die from drowning are aged 14 years and younger, with the highest drowning rates being children ages 1 – 4.

Drowning is Very Preventable

Drowning is largely considered one of the most preventable causes of deaths and this is especially true for young children. With this in mind, here are some safety tips to prevent accidental drowning:

The above represents basic pool tips for use when engaging in this ageless outdoor activity. However, there are also ways you can help improve your child’s safety by ensuring your pool is fitted with the following:

Aside from the above tips you can also visit Safe Kids Worldwide where they have an abundance of resources that include a water safety guide, fact sheets, water watcher cards for those observing children playing in the pool, how-to videos, and additional resources.

As a parent you want your child to enjoy the freedom that summer brings, however it is also important to ensure that this summer is a safe one as well.


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