How To Childproof Your Home

As parents, we are constantly worried about the general safety and welfare of our children. We ensure that we strategically watch over them at parks and playgrounds, we question the quality and health content of their food, and we read parenting guides that give us additional suggestions. However, as guardians we must also consider the place where they spend most of their time – our homes. According to, an estimated 793,000 accidental deaths have occurred for children under 19 in the year 2013 alone. Nearly half of these deaths have occurred in or around the home, which include such unfortunate mishaps as drowning, falls, poisons, fires, and more. These deaths are largely prevented and had the right measures have been taken; they could have been easily avoided.

With that in mind, we should take care to childproof our living rooms, nursery, bathroom, fireplaces, kitchens…and essentially any place in our home that could provide a hidden threat. In short, the whole house! Childproofing your home is not as intense as it might sound and the whole thing can be complete very quickly and easily.

Use the following safety tips in order to ensure that your home remains safe for small children and babies.

Childproof Tips




The importance of accident prevention with young children can’t be overstated! 



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