Burn Injury Cost

Since Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, death by fire was a way to punish ones worst enemies. All of us know the pain involved from only minor first degree burns, such as touching a hot pipe on a lawn mower, or spilling hot chocolate.  But when the burns are not simple first degree burns, the complications and emotional suffering often radically alter a victim’s life and the economic consequences for expensive medical care are huge.

Experienced Burn Injury Attorneys

We have represented burn victims and their families in wrongful death cases, from explosions, apartment and house fires, electrocutions, fires from auto accidents (against auto manufactures and others), scalding from hot water and chemical burns. In the instances where our victim survived, we have seen the costs of burn treatment such as skin grafts run from seventy thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Often the emotional trauma alone that comes with very bad burns requires years of expensive treatment.  In some cases a life care planner is used to forecast the future costs of medical care for the burn victim.

If you or a loved one is a burn victim and seeking options for medical care or looking for legal advice call The Baumgartner Firm today.

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